About BUMF:Gallery

BUMF:Gallery is an entirely student led exhibition space at Arts University Bournemouth.

Since 2015 this space has been filled with various with student work and students across many different courses have curated exhibitions. It is located on AUB campus in the basement of University House and is available to all AUB students and alumni to use.

Want to get involved? It’s really easy to submit: simply follow this link to the “Submit“ page. You can submit your work alone or alternatively, if there is a group of you, why not submit a proposal for a group exhibition?

Don’t worry about logistics, we can guide you through the set up process with the simple hanging system we have in place allowing work to be hung without being framed. We also have a screens and a projector available for moving image.

We’d love for as many students as possible to hold your own exhibition in this space, our BUMF:Gallery Team will help you with anything you need to know.

We’re always looking for eager student curators, coordinators and organisers to help run our student gallery. If you want to become part of our team, simply email us at gallery@bumfmedia.co.uk and explain why you would like to get involved.

Our Team

  • Ben Cooper

  • Kate Wolstenhome

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